Monday, June 11, 2012

Inspiration is Everywhere!

Dining Room Makeover Inspiration

As everyone knows, I am on a mission to change each and every room of my house, slowly but surely making it "my own". This post is dedicated to the many decorators and DIY'ers who find inspiration everywhere.

Personally, I take my camera with me everywhere, shopping, out on the town, to the mall, for a walk in the park; you never know where you will find that perfect color, or design. While watching an episode of The Real Housewives New Jersey, season 4, one particular interview with housewife Kathy Wakili caught my attention. It was the paint color in her formal dining room. I found the pic online of the walls in her room but could not find the paint color name anywhere.

RHONJ Kathy and husband Rich

I loved this color so much mostly because I know it will work in my formal dining room with the colors I already have in curtains, beautiful woodworking. Now, the problem becomes how do I find a color to match?? If I ruled the reality entertainment industry, I would have the paint color names of every room in the closing credits of each show. Hey, it could happen. 

Fast forward two weeks....

A friend and I went for a mom's night on the town evening in Old Town Alexandria, VA. First stop, The Hotel Monaco for drinks at the bar. As we walked into the hotel lobby, lo and behold, it was there covering the walls from top to bottom, the most beautiful paint color I had ever seen. Take a look at these beautiful pics...

Hotel Monaco, Old Town Alexandria

See how beautifully red complements the blue?

In an attempt to color match the color, I took lots of close-ups of the blue on my phone. They turned out pretty crappy...

Then my friend asked me, "Why don't we just ask them what the color is?". I replied, "There is no way they will know that!". Well, we marched right up to the front desk and asked the clerk. He replied, (as if we asked where the restrooms were)  "Yes ma'am, it is Naples Blue by Benjamin Moore...". SCORE! I could not believe he knew that. As a former Marriott employee, I am always trying to discover employees whom are better trained or more empowered than a Marriott Employee, I have yet to find them. I think this guy wins the award!

So, stay tuned for my Dining Room transformation. Coming this summer!

Thanks for reading my post,



  1. For additional inspiration in painting used or ugly furniture, use chalk paint. It covers any finish and is a wonderful medium to work with. To tint any of the colors you can use regular flat stencil paint - it will not effect the configuration of the chemicals in the chalk paint. To set the paint you then use a clear wax and buff. It is a wonderful way to "shabby chic" your furniture if that is what you desire. The blue color here is beautiful. Red truly does "Pop" with it. Good luck!

  2. I am also a former Marriott employee...and I think that front desk employee takes the cake! Bravo! {And the color is beautiful!}

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