Friday, August 10, 2012

King Bed is Complete!

King Farm Bed Part 2:

Continuing on from my King Farm Bed Part One progress.... Here is the way I finished the bed once I had the frame built.

The next step I needed to complete was to pick up some plywood from Lowes to place on the bed frame since I knew I was using a mattress but no box spring.

I used a gift card I received from my friend Katie Jo and had the Lowes guy cut the boards to fit my measurements. Two boards at 79 inches long and 39 1/2 inches wide. He cut them perfectly despite the fact that he was too busy asking me out on a date. I turned him down politely. Considering he was like 20 something and I am 34, it helps to know I still got it! Snap, snap, snap!

The Lowes guy preparing to cut my boards. 
Now it was time to build the legs and add the side boards:

For the legs, I cut 4 total 2x4's at 12 inches, two for each side of the front of the frame. Here is how I assembled them:

I stacked up a few scrap pieces of wood to raise the leg two inches from the frame. I attached one leg to the frame corner with glue and two wood screws.

Note: This is the frame turned upside down.

Then I added one 2x4 perpendicular to that leg:

Then I glued and screwed them together, and used a square clamp to help join them, creating a perfect "square" leg:

More screws anbd glue to hold legs together. 
I did this to both sides.

 Now it was time to add the side boards:

I added the 3 side boards, these were 1x8's cut at 80 inches long each. One per side and one in front. I attached them using finishing nails only, I lifted the frame from the floor about 4 inches, so that the mattress would sit about 2 inches inside of the side boards.

The reason I only used finishing nails was because I had a feeling the bed might have to be taken apart some to get it inside of the house. Turns out this was a great precaution since later I did have to take it apart to get it through the door!

Next, I had to make sure all was level, and it was!

Level? Check!

Then I added the plywood and had the kids test the sturdiness:
Popsicle and Dance Party to "Call Me Maybe" on the bed.

Next was time to sand, stain and fill in all holes. Then I predrilled holes for the frame to attach to the headboard.

The stain I used is Ebony:

This stuff is the closest to black you can get without actually "painting" the bed black.

Staining process.

All stained up and ready to go.
Now comes a snag, Please learn from my mistake! 

Once I added the mattress there was too much space in between the top of the mattress to the bottom of the pillows falling back behind bed... so annoying!

So, I had to cut the back legs on the headboard down by 5 inches each. I used my circular saw to cut them down. It worked fine. 

Then I added 3 coats of poly-acrylic to the side boards and 4 coats to the headboard. 
Moving on...

So, it took 3 adults to carry the bed upstairs, and we had to take off the side rails to get it in, Next time I build a king bed I will make the frame in two parts. 

Once the bed was upstairs, I attached the side rails to the frame again. I screwed in countersunk screws 3 per side rail from the front, then refilled them with wood filler and restained the holes. 

I attached the headboard to the frame with two allen head fine pitched (the threads) machine screws. 

Like these:

Here is the bed completed in the guest room:

The sheets were given to me by my mom, and the duvet cover is from Ikea it's called Ofelia Vass.

 Pillows from Ikea and Ross. 

Hope you like this tutorial! 

Thanks, Kristen

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  1. King beds typically have a split box spring and one piece mattress. Since you did not have a box spring perhaps it would have been easier to handle if you had made the base in two pieces. Maybe next time!

    1. Yes! Thanks! I wrote about that at the bottom of my post. shoulda/ woulda/coulda.

  2. wow- what an undertaking, way to go! and great tutorial! thank you for posting this, really enjoying your site. (might i humbly suggest for your benefit-- to swap out the plywood base for closely placed wood slats? a mattress needs to breathe, the moisture needs to escape or it will build up and get moldy on the bottom-- something we have experienced from our earlier diy efforts and something i have since come across while researching making our own king bed.) i guess if it is a guest bed and not being used that much perhaps not a huge issue -- but something to consider for long term. ? but none-the-less-- great looking bed! cheers :)

  3. I'm curious how much the material was for this project??

    1. Hi Priscilla- I am guessing the materials were about 125- 150 for this one. It has been a while since I made it. But.......I had the tongue and groove planks (the main part of the headboard) already, they were scrap from my sister in laws flooring. 150 probably includes the stain and poly and plywood.

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  6. I want to build this so bad! So the legs are only attached by a few screws in them and that supports everything? For the legs instead of 2x4s would 4x4s work?

  7. Lady, you're doing well. Thanks for explaining so we can build our own beds too.

  8. wow it really looks amazing, I loved the king bed, this article really inspire me, thanks

  9. We are moving in 3 day. I will be using your method on building my bed. Thanks

  10. We are moving in 3 day. I will be using your method on building my bed. Thanks

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  13. To see the headboard just scroll up to the highlighted words that say 'King Bed Frame part 1'. Its the first sentence. This post is part 2. And she did a great job!

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  15. I just made this bed as a double for my son. Cost me $200 CDN, and it is solid!

  16. What was the thickness of plywood? Am so glad to know that Lowe's will precut it and thanks so much for the dimensions!

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