Wednesday, July 18, 2012

King Bed Progress

Here is a post dedicated to the progress of my "Jewel Box" guestroom king bed I am building. Considering it has been almost 100 degrees every day, I could not put off working on the bed any longer. I had to brave the heat and get building. I am basing this king bed off of the plans seen here on Ana-White's Website for the Fancy Farmhouse Bed and Bed frame project plans. This plan is for a queen size mattress, so I had to modify for my mattress size.

Cutest assistant ever!

The mattress I am using is brand new and from Ikea. It was in the as-is room on a Thursday for 50% off (!). You can see the mattress here: Sultan Flokenes. Mine was $249.00. After shopping around for a queen mattress, I decided to buy this king because of the price. It was comparable to a twin or full mattress price! Aaannnndd...Since I build custom furniture, I could build the bed to any size I want right?


Ikea King mattress size is 79 1/2 inches length and 76 inches wide.

Finished bed dimensions are-

Headboard- 85 1/4 wide (widest part of headboard) x 55 inches tall.

Entire bed when frame is attached to headboard is 81 3/4 wide x 83 3/4.

So here goes: 

Building the headboard-

I remembered I had some left over knotty pine planks from my sister -in- law's hardwood flooring. They are tongue and grooved so, they would be easy to fit together. I decided to use those for the headboard. I cut them to appx 25 inches tall.

6 pieces of tongue and groove planks.
Then, I added 1x3 boards to the upper and lower parts of the planks. I recruited my daughter to help me gorilla glue first, then nail them lightly using a nail gun then screw them to attach to planks.

Squaring the 1x3's to the planks. 

Upper and lower 1x3's on front face of headboard.

My assistant. 

Then, I turned over the headboard and added 1x3's to the back as well, upper and lower. 
Backside of headboard.

Completed backside of headboard.

After that I added 2x4's at 55 inches tall to the side for the legs. I attached them using gorilla glue and 2 1/2 inch countersunk wood screws, I think 4 per side. 

2x4's as legs attached.
Next, I added a 2x6 to the top at 85 1/4  inches for the "topper". I attached it from the top to the plank panel using gorilla glue and 4 countersunk 2 1/2 inch screws. 

Sideview of headboard
Next I added two lengths of 1x2's one on the left "seam"and one on the right "seam"for decorative trim. Then a scrap piece of detailed trim to the top for added fanciness. 

Detail trim and 1x2 on left and right sides of headboard. 

Here is a pic of the completed headboard. But not finished completely yet, it needs to be sanded and stained. 

Completed headboard. 
Next comes the frame supports and bed rails. 

I headed out to get some more 2x4's to complete this bed support frame. I ended up needing 8 2x4's. 

Side note: So here comes my rant about women purchasing lumber in a "man's world" building supplier store. Long story short... I ended up "telling off" the man who loaded the 2x4's into my car. This man insults my "building" intelligence every time I pick up lumber. Gives me a hard time, questions my materials, accuses me of not paying for certain pieces. He is a real jerk, I have complained about him on many of occasions. I had had enough of his rudeness and finally told him where to go. I felt much better afterwards. 

Moving on.....The project plans show a 2x4 frame with supports inside, kind of like building a wall. So, that's what I did. I laid out 2 2x4's at 80 inches (sides), one 2x4 at 75 5/8 (top) and one 2x4 at 80 inches (bottom). There are 4 2x4's on the inside at 75 5/8 inches. 

Bed support frame outer 2x4's

I attached them with gorilla glue and countersunk woods crews. Squaring up after each step. 

Predrilled holes and gorilla glue.
Countersunk holes and screws

Next, I needed to figure out how I would attach the frame to the headboard. And what I would use as the "outer" bed rails. I picked up three 1x8's at 80 inches each. Here is how I decided to attach the frame and rail. I would allow 1 1/2 inches from the leg to attach the frame. Then I would attach the outer 1x8 board as the "decorative" bedrail flush to the leg.

Squaring up. Showing how I will attach to the frame. 
Note: this is just to build and plan. The frame and rails will be attached to the leg much higher later, not on the ground level, this is just for building purposes. 

Completed frame.
Since I do not have a box spring I will have to add some sort of plywood to top so the mattress does not sink through. Working on that today. 

For further instructions and the completed project see:

 The King Bed is Complete


  1. I appreciate your rant about women buying hardware and lumber in a mans world! I previously lived in a very small, very rural, very good ol boy town. I encountered judgement and dismissal on a regular basis... glad you told the guy off!

    Love the the way :)

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  2. What is the reason for making your top and bottom boards in the 2x4 frame different lenghts? Doesnt this make your frame not square.

  3. Nice work. I will try to make this. Need to know the size of countersunk woods crews.

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