Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day Poses

Mother's Day Poses

So here we have a blog post completely off topic from building and design.... My annual mothers day pictures! I've been doing this tradition since my daughter was born and continue it no matter the condition of Mothers Day. Some of these my son has strep and my daughter and I have the stomach flu. I am about to pop pregnant in one. Sometimes there are no smiles....but we get my picture done nonetheless. I am not a photographer....I am just a mom.

This year my daughter really wanted to model so we looked on Pinterest for mother/ daughter poses and we got our hands (read: backs) dirty and came up with some cute ones. No complaining this year because these were all simple poses they could do. 
There are also some in here of last year and see my video of us since 2007. 

Here they are. 



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