Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation Part 4 Guest Room

Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation Part 4 Guest Room 

Hey readers! Thanks for checking back with me to see the next chapter of renovations in our beach home. In this post I will be talking about all things mermaid. Not childish mermaid... but big girl mermaid. This room in our beach home is technically our daughter's room but serves as the guest room when we have guests, hence relocating her to her brother's room. Luckily, she is cool about that. She gets a TV, so that sweetened the deal for her. She absolutely loves it!

As you can see thus far I love to decorate around "stations" or "parts" of something from a bigger picture or concept. Each bedroom in our home has a different theme, but they all center around a larger theme, the beach. The guest room is the land of mermaids. It's style is "mermaid coastal", and yes I just made that up on the fly. 

Here I'll show that the colors and bedding and art all embody that theme. 

Here is the before picture of this room when we purchased the home: 

Drabby is all I can say about that. 

Here is a nice before and after shot!

This was a fun room to design. 

First a paint color and concept...

...actually here is my Pinterest board of inspiration for this room.

Paint color: "In the Moment" - Behr 

Introducing the BEHR 2018 Color of the Year: In The Moment. With undertones of blue, gray, and green, this calming paint color helps to create a relaxing space in your home, promoting mindfulness and introspection. Include this versatile paint color in interior and exterior DIY home makeover projects to turn your house into a tranquil sanctuary.

Accent colors coral and white, and pops of glitter or sparkle. 

Here is a (shaky) video I took after the room was painted. 

Then, I chose the bedding for the room. This was a mini disaster (first world problems). I find it very hard to pick out bedding online. I did not want a set too juvenile, and I did not want a set that was too grandma-ish. So I picked out this one: 

It arrived, delivered to my porch and ended up sitting in the rain for 4 days. They had sent a sealed box with the bedding INSIDE of a waterproof case, but the pillows still got mildewed! We ended up having to repurchase the whole thing. Because it all smelled - really bad! This was a good idea as getting rid of mildew in the house was an ongoing problem. Turns out I really don't like the comforter print in person, so sometimes I use it, and sometimes I just use a white quilt it's the one that usually just lays across the bottom of the comforter. I can never, ever decide which I like...so I just switch back and forth. I am known to do this multiple times even during a stay. 

I picked up this headboard at Home Goods for a cool 99 bucks, on clearance. It's a queen size though I think I could have gotten away with adding a king for that room.... Life will go on. 

We ordered her queen mattress and box spring from Mattress Firm in West Ocean City. It is so comfortable, it is not one of those flat pancake mattresses you usually get when staying at a beach house. 
Missing railings, but eh, I'll make it work. 

For the rest of the furniture, I used good old Ikea- 

We purchased and had delivered:

Probably our 100th Hemnes 8 drawer dresser. This thing holds up to kids use and holds everything! 
HEMNES 8-drawer dresser IKEA
Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser.

A Hemnes Nightstand. Very small scale and practical.
HEMNES Nightstand IKEA Smooth running drawer with pull-out stop.
Ikea Hemnes Nightstand. 

Lamp - mine from forever and ever ago.
Jewelry dish- Hobby Lobby
Mermaid worry box- Charming Charlie's
Books- Amazon and my mom "Oma"

A utility cart ( In our house we call this a "crash cart"- more on that later.)

RÅSKOG Utility cart IKEA
Ikea Raskog Utility Cart.

*Kristen's bright idea for the utility cart!

n all practicality, I wanted my daughter to have another "nightstand" that was mobile and could move with her from room to room when she has to leave and stay in her brother's room to accommodate guests. This idea turned out to be truly amazing. The idea was so awesome, that at 29.99 each,  I purchased one for everyone. Now we have 4 carts (that my husband aptly named a "crash cart"). 

Yep all crap on one cart!

As far as draperies go.. I purchased a set of curtains, these are coral linen and actually have hints of silver glitter in them. Then I purchased a set of sheer curtains with pom pom trim. I added these all to the same curtain rod. These were all purchased at Home Goods. The blackout shades came with the house. It's the only thing we kept in this room. Thank you to my Mother and Father in Law for hanging the curtains and other accouterments. 

Please excuse the lack of lighting. 

I LOVE this detail!

Too Pretty! 

Art work-
I originally purchased this picture to go above her bed. But, in the end it was too big and I ended up having it hung in the hallway. I LOVE this picture. It is probably my favorite piece of art in the home.  I think she is stunning! We are still waiting to name her... suggestions??

I purchased this from art.com and the large frame from Amazon.

So, we settled on these art pieces below for above the bed. When we see mermaid art while out and about, we add to the collection. We can fill all of these walls from top to bottom for all I care... I think that will be fun. This is about making memories people!

The old ceiling fan had to go- yuck! I purchased this ceiling fan combo from Amazon. Hunter fan company Anslee Low Profile 46". Thank you to my Father in Law, an Electrical Engineer, and all around good guy to have around for installing this!

This fan/combo is perfect. It gets hot in here.

And... in near closing a picture of my not so little mermaid loving her room. 

Notice the Maryland flag socks? We tend to LOVE our flag here in Maryland!

And a few few final beauty shots: 

So there you have it... a room made for a mermaid. I happen to love it and find myself watching the Kids Baking Championship, Dancing with the Stars Junior, or Cake Wars often with my daughter, it really is a cozy room. 

Thanks for reading y'all. Drop me a line. Stay tuned for my son's room in Part 5. 

- Kristen 

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To be honest, my son put most of these together. He is 8 and he is an engineering genius. He can build just about anything. 


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