Sunday, April 15, 2012

Front Door Remodel

Ever since I moved into this house I have wanted to change the front door. It was brown and wood-y looking though the material is not wood. Above that the trim that surrounded it was cream colored, it just screamed "poor design" from the road.

Before exterior.

I decided to paint both the interior and exterior of the door. Here are the results:

After Exterior.
Here are the steps I took to remodel the door.

1. I taped up the window with butcher paper to protect the glass.
Interior Door before all taped up. 

2. I sanded the "wood" on the doors to smooth out the texture, Then I caulked the seams with a latex bulk gun. The trick I saw to clean up excess caulk is to keep a bowl of water and ice cubes near your project, dip your fingers in the cold water and this helps when you run your finger down the caulk to remove excess and smooth the seams.

3. I spray painted the door and transoms on both interior and exterior sides of the door with Killz spray primer.

Interior door during prep phase.

Exerior door during prep phase.
I also taped up the hardware and doorbell to protect from the painting.

4. Sand down the primer with a finer sand block just to smooth out the surface.

5. Paint the door and ransoms and trim. The colors I used...For trim- Benjamin Moore - Filtered sunlight.  For door- Benjamin Moore- Baby Seal Black.

6. I allowed to dry overnight and then did a second coat.

7. Next, I spray painted the hardware with Black satin stray paint to make them look more

A close up:

8. I decided while I was remodeling the front door I would change up the doormat too. I have spray painted many a doormat. You just need black spray paint and some tape. I sprayed the center of the mat, it looks much better. 

The door looks kinda blue here, but it looks darker in person. 

My son enjoying the remodel, not sure why he has a binky in his mouth.
He hasn't used one since he was 6 months old!

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  1. Well done, Kristen! You front door looks amazing! I’m pretty sure that passersby would give your door a second look. Compared to the old look of your door, the revamped version matches the design of the house, and the combination of black and beige gave it a more defined look.