Thursday, May 3, 2012

Farmhouse Side Table

Farmhouse Side Table 

As I  progress with my woodworking, I decided to tackle this project next. Here is the plan I followed almost to a T, Ana White's Farmhouse Bedside table. Its rustic, but its also elegant. Definately my style. 

Here's what I did:

After carefully looking at the project plan, I gathered my lumber. And started to piece it together. The cutting and building was not too hard at all, its just hard to get everyone perfectly square and level. 

The project plan is mostly 2x2's and 1x2's and some 1x6's laid side by side for the top. The sides and drawer are made from a 1x12 cut to size. 

My son "helping" with the table leg supports. 
At first, I built the table with no bottom shelf. That was the hardest part to figure out.. But, I was hell bent on building the shelf on the bottom. So I came up with a solution of a large board trimmed out with my trusty 1x2's. This worked pretty well. 

The drawer was also difficult to get right. Being as this was my first drawer I have ever built, it took some adjusting. I ended up having to add some stoppers in the back to allow the drawer to not get "stuck" in the back of the table. I have so much respect now for people who build cabinets as a profession. I did not use any drawer guide hardware because a) I didn't think it needed them and b) I love the rustic look, and sans drawer guides is truer to the rustic style. 

To finish it off, I filled in all of the holes with wood filler, sanded, sanded, and sanded. I stained the piece with my leftover stain mix of Minwax Providence, and Ebony, a 3 to 1 mix. I then used 4 coats of Poly-acrylic in clear satin to shine it up and protect it. I added the drawer pull hardware that I removed from a table I took apart that had been in my house for years. 

Although I am not using it "bedside" it still looks pretty. I am happy how it turned out.

Showing wood grain.
I loved displaying my "antique" Shel Silverstein books from childhood. 

Hope you enjoyed my project!



  1. Yours is TONS nicer than the original. You should be tremendously proud of yourself.

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  4. Wonderful job you did, really appreciated and side table is looking fantastic.