Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Curtain Panels Using Bedsheets as Lining

DIY Lined Curtain Panels: Thinking Outside of the Box

Continuing with the transformation of my "Jewelbox" guest bedroom, it's time to make the curtains. At first, I purchased fabric only to make a king size duvet cover, but found one at Ikea for a much better price, so I decided to use the fabric I had to make curtain panels instead. At this time I have only made two panels for one window, I still have to get more fabric for the other window, once the fabric goes back on sale. I decided to make a tutorial for these in the mean time. Aren't they beautiful?? And to all of the haters who do not believe the fabric "matches" the paint color or room, I think these pictures prove what I was aiming for. I love the combination!

I have made these panels before using this informative tutorial from Shanty to Chic for Dining Room Window Panels. Instead of spending boat loads of money on lining for these panels, I had to quick think outside of the box. I had two king flat sheets in ivory I had bought at Walmart, I think they were 10 dollars each. I decided to use the sheet as a liner, to create that heavy "designer" professional look for my panels. Here is how I made them. 

I started by hanging the curtain rods I purchased at Ikea. I liked the look of the rods and the price, you can find them here. I installed the rods higher than the top of my window and the finials wider than my window frame, this creates a larger looking window. 

Think like this:

Photo from
For the finials, Ikea only carried white ones, so I spray painted them black to look, wrought iron-y. 

This took about 30 seconds, then I let them dry.

The size of my panels will need to be appx 102 inches long x 52 ish inches wide, this is allowing for about a one to two inch "pool" or "puddle" on the floor, in my opinion that looks the most professional. 

Standard Home decor fabric is sold in 54 inch widths, here I had mine on a bolt still:

Pattern is Waverly: Dutchess Damask
I cut the fabric, two panels worth at appx 104 inches long, make sure the pattern repeat "matches" , so you don't have two panels hanging with the pattern at different places.

The sheet I am using is 108 x 102 inches. Cut in half and it is the perfect size for my liner. Plus the bottom will already be professionally hemmed!

I started by hemming the bottom of the fabric about 2 inches, first I ironed the seam, then pinned, then sewed it with a straight stitch, I did both of these at the same time. 

Iron first, then pin, then sew.
Finished edge of hem. 
Cut the king sheet in half, see how the bottom hem of your liner is already finished and looks great? 

Less work= better! 

Next, pin the sheet liner to the fabric, "good" sides together. We are about to sew this panel from the inside and then flip it inside out. 

Good sides together, pinned on the outside seam.

Next, time to sew up the sides, pin the sides of the sheet to the "selvage" (where the ratty ends and words are printed) on the fabric. You will need a pin every 8 inches or so...

Sheet Liner

Then sew straight up the side, using the already sewn liner stitch line as your guide. 

Easy to sew!
I love this because you just follow the finished edge on the sheet. Your stitch will be very straight!

Next, sew up the other side, same way the first side. Sometimes we cut the additional selvage, or trim the sides for a cleaner look, but I decided to leave the extra fabric because I wanted the extra weight for the curtains, the heavier the look, the more luxurious!

Then join the top edge and sew a straight line joining the top of the liner and the top of the sheet. 

Note: Do not sew the finished hemmed edges of the panel together- we are about to turn it inside out!

Next, flip the panel inside out. It should look like this. 

Top corner.

Bottom hemmed edge, not sewn together.
Then, iron the corners and edges so it looks polished and pressed. 

Next, I ironed the whole panel to make it look very clean and pressed. Now, time to add the clips and rings and hang them. 

How I clipped the panel to the rings:

I tried all sorts of ways to hook the clips to the rings also purchased at Ikea. Luckily these were already black. 

Here is what I did... I laid out the panel and added a clip every 7 inches or so, I have 6 clips per panel. 

But, I do not like the look of curtains hanging like this:

Curtains hanging from clips, I am not a fan of this.
 I wanted a more professional look without having to sew pleats. 
So, thinking outside of the box, I clipped the fabric from the inside of the panel, creating a little bit of a pleat. I clipped it about 1 inch down. 

Then I attached the hook to the ring and added them to my rod. 

I had to adjust the panel and pleats a little, but it didn't take long. I love the final look!!

Top of panels.

Bottom of panel, small amount of puddle.

One thing I was thinking after making these... You could always use two bedsheets instead of purchasing fabric for the front of the panels, that would work well too, or shower curtain panels, those would also work. 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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Thanks, Kristen


  1. Word of advice: They were not "haters" - simply asked a question because of a different opionion. One that has a blog should get used to differences. When companies post reviews - they are not all perfect. Try to keep it in perspective and stop looking at is as an insult. Not everyone can agree with you 100%

  2. Nice job on the curtains! My mom always made us duvet covers out of flat sheets. It's usually much cheaper than fabric by the yard. And easier to launder too.

    Another way to get the pleated look is to sew in loops on the back side of the panel. I did this in Wy's room, I used ribbon. I'll send you a photo of what I mean.

  3. I'm so jealous! I spent all day Saturday looking for the perfect curtains/fabric/shower curtain/anything to make curtains for our living room... Look at your gorgeous curtains all done and beautiful and looking fair!! haha they look great!

  4. I love this and am going to make it as soon as the Holiday rush is over.....Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your blog! Followed!!!!

  5. Just made my lined drapes for the first time, thanks for the tutorial, it was easy! I made two pair.

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  7. What’s not to love with your paint and curtain combination? They look great to me, especially with the rods hanged so high, it's almost at the ceiling! Although, I used to do that “don’t” in the photo and I don’t find anything wrong with it. I guess it depends on the patterns your curtain has and the room you’re planning to hang it in. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments

  8. Talk about resourceful! I would never think of those as bed sheets recreated as curtains. They look amazing, and their patterns match the walls and window well. You did a pretty great job in nailing this project. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    Shirley Todd @ Arjay’s Window Fashions

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