Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lipstick and Sawdust - Tutorials

Back to Basics

Here is a tutorial on how to get plywood cut at a lumber store. 

         Recently I came across a very informative article click link  HERE on how to have a better experience in the wood cutting department at a local "big box store" or "lumber store". This can be an intimidating place especially for women, as this is not a task we are usually taught when we are younger. This article was so helpful I decided to use the tips in real time and video myself while putting them into practice. Turns out the tips worked! I was in and out with cut plywood and ready to drive home in 21 minutes! Check out my video. Most suggestions are from the article, or just tricks I have picked up since getting wood cut for almost 8 years.

Thank you! Kristen
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