Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to create a false cut using a table saw.

How to create a False Cut

False cuts are used when you want to add detail to a piece of wood without cutting completely through the wood. You are cutting "grooves" in the wood in order to create the look of a drawer or separation. 

You will need: 

A table saw
Scrap wood to test cut depth 
Piece of wood you wish to cut 
Safety items: glasses, mask, and ear protection if needed. 

First, determine the depth of the cut you want with your ruler. For my project I want a 1/8 inch false cut. I set my table saw blade at a 1/8 inch raise. 

Then I lowered the safety cover and ran my scrap 2x2 across the blade. 

I used my scrap 2x2 to test cut:

I measured it and it was perfect!

Now on to the "real piece" of wood I want to cut to create the look of a drawer separation.

I laid it down on the table saw and determined where the cut should be. I butted the end up to the fence of the saw in order to keep it steady when cutting.

Then I ran my board across the glad and pulled all the way through. 

The end result was perfect!

Don't have a perfect picture of the false cut, but here it is when added to the project. 

False cut is seen in center. 
Love false cuts. They make it look like you did more work than you really did. It looks as if you made drawers, but really you did not. 


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