Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 Dollar & Two Hour Chair Makeover

Fancy Chair for my Guest Room

About two years ago, I bought this chair for 10 dollars at a community yard sale. It was the last 10 minutes of the sale, and the sellers were about to reload it into their van. I saw the potential, so I bargained with them for it. *Remember*- EVERYTHING is negotiable, I barely ever pay full price for anything. I suggested... " I am sure you aren't interested in reloading this chair and bringing it back home, would you take 10 dollars for it?" They immediately agreed. I brought it home and used it in my sewing room for 2 years as my sewing chair. 

Fast forward two years, I decided I could quickly recover and repaint it, that it would be a great addition to my guest room. Here is the before pic:

Pretty, yes, but I want to change it. 
Now, I knew that this chair would be easy to re-upholster and I knew it had be recovered at least once.

My son and I discovered it had been recovered not once, but at least 3 times already!

Now for what took only 2 hours....

I flipped it over and used the twist screw "keys" to unscrew the seat from the frame. 

Here goes, layer one, a waverly-ish green flower print. 

Next layer, a 90's ish flower print:

Next layer, horrible Grinch green. There is not much else I can say about that. 

I decided to leave the green on for cushion, there may even have been another layer underneath of the green, but, the green fabric was glued on tightly, so I did not want to mess with that. 

Then - I will upholster with my scrap fabric leftover from my curtains, the print is Dutchess Damask from Waverly. 

I only had two small pieces of fabric, and I did NOT want to have to order more, so I just pinned them together and sewed a seam, the seam is there, but since I matched the print nicely its not too noticeable. 

After sewing, and ironing the fabric, I laid the fabric square upside down and the seat on top, also upside down. 

Then, I started to pull and staple. 

Using my staple gun, I stapled oh every 2-3 inches or so. 

Then I cut off the excess fabric, and made sure that the holes were clear of fabric so I could reattach the "key" screws. 


Now for the chair frame. 

This was two easy steps. 

Paint with black semi-gloss spray paint. 

Let dry. 

Then spray 2 layers of Minwax poly-acrylic in clear gloss. 

Let dry. 

Then, I reattached the cushion to the chair frame using the screw keys that already came with the chair. No wonder this chair was recovered so many times, it was so easy to take apart and re-build. 

Easy and Done. 

It looks great with my new guest room vanity!

Hope you like this easy- peezy tutorial. 

Drop me a line. 

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Happy Building! Kristen


  1. It does look fantstic, no doubt the most glamorous incarnation of that seat cushion!

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