Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jewel Box Guest Room is Complete!

Jewel Box Guest Room After Photos

My guest room remodel has been a work in progress, I started last May after I completely cleaned out and stripped my guest room down. Here are some before shots:




See my post on how I did the trim, chandelier and painting. 

And built the bed

And made the armoire

And refinished the nightstands

I made the curtains out of fabric and a bed sheet, tutorial here

See the chair recover and table tutorials (coming soon).

See the hallway makeover here.

I made the bench from scraps and leftover fabric, see that here

A few details in the room I want to point out:

After my parents cleaned out their attic, I uncovered this Norman Rockwell canvas print that used to be in my room when I was little.  I LITERALLY have wanted to frame it since I saw it, maybe since I was 5 years old. Better late than never right? I am not one to like many pieces of art, but this one has always stuck with me. 

Published 1954 cover- Artwork titled "Girl in the Mirror".

A closeup of the Norman Rockwell Print. I could write a short story about my 
feelings about this print. You know how a picture is worth a 1000 words? 
This one is about 2000 for me. 

Design can come at any price, 
This room mixes high price items- (for me this is high price), like the wall plaque my sister in law gave me from Ballard Designs, $300.00
But, the lamps were 20 dollars each from IKEA. 
And the tables would have been trash, if I did not refinish them, there were a lot of free pieces that I transformed because I saw the potential. 

Hope you love the finished room as much as I do. 

Happy Building!
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Anyone who knows me, knows that this room has been total therapy for me. Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks, Kristen


  1. I love it! The colors are calm and soothing and the materials look soft and fluffy. What a great guest room. I like that Norman Rockwell too. Did you show the $300 plaque? I hope it's huge. OMG!

    1. The 300 dollar plaque is shown on the first picture above the bed. Thanks - glad you love the colors.

  2. Your work is amazing. I'm absolutely in love with the bench!

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