Sunday, April 7, 2013

Refurbished 1940's Hollywood Regency Chandelier

Refurbishing a Chandelier

Hello All!

This is not really a tutorial but merely a "brag" about this beautiful chandelier and how I found it. 

I am currently helping a friend redesign her spa and beauty boutique. I was out on a mission to find the perfect chandelier for the hallway of the space. My second trip to the Habitat for Humanity restore led me to this beautiful chandelier. I saw it hanging, and claimed it as mine, luckily, because it had just been hung on the sales floor that day!

I did not take a before picture (not sure why :/) but found one on an Etsy listing, photo credits

The price tag in the store was a whopping $75 dollars! I thought that was a bargain, then I took it to the register and it was 25% off of lighting, soooo in the end I paid $56.25 for this lighting masterpiece!

I took it home, removed all of the crystals and completely took the chandelier apart. I spray painted it chrome with this spray paint, as the brassy look was not really "doing" it for me. 

Chrome by Rust-oleum
I soaked the crystals in a mixture of water and windex, wiped them,  then dried them on a towel overnight. My mom says you can also put them in the dishwasher. But this seemed too tedious for me. 

Then, I put the chandelier completely back together, added new light bulbs and re- attached every single crystal. I tested it in my kitchen using the lighting box that an old chandelier hung from, and viola! it worked. I heart this chandelier! Soooo much. I brought it to my friend at the spa - with tears in her eyes she appreciated it. 

For the record - I genuinely considered keeping the chandelier for myself - but knew it would really change the look of the spa so I resisted the temptation to be selfish with my glorious find. 

Hope you love this as much as I do. 

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Happy building, 



  1. OMG Kristen that is GORGEOUS! My eyes bugged out and seriously I lost my breath. I wish I could find this kind of stuff at my ReStore!

    1. Thanks Julie. I LOVED It too! Its soooo my style and what a great price. I don't think they knew what they had when they had it. Who would throw away something like this?

  2. I have the same chandelier, how much would you charge to refurbish mine in the same style?

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