Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY Dress

DIY Dress Easy and Not expensive!!!

~Cute DIY Maxidress, Easy to Sew~

As I was getting ready for church this morning, I remembered a dress I have been wanting to wear that is soooo me. Actually, I made it myself using this tutorial, thank you A Small Snippet.

Wanna Make a Dress?
Dress Tutorial @ A Small Snippet

So here's how I did it:

  First, I went fabric shopping at Joann's. Of course the fabric was was 50% off, and of course I used my mom's business 10% discount since we were shopping together, It came in around $5.00 a yard (!).  I think I purchased 1.5 yards. It was from the April Johnston (remember her from Project Runway?) collection at Joann's. It was cute....

 Second, I ordered two tank tops from ebay, they came from New York, fairly quickly they were $4.99 for two.

I had to also purchase some elastic for the waistband.

Pretty much I followed the instructions for the skirt to a T:

For the tank top, I cut off oh, about 6 inches of the shirt from the bottom, because maxi dress waists usually rise higher than the average dress.

Next, comes the sewing. If you are a beginner at sewing this is a great project! All you do is wrap the fabric around your waist, cut to the appropriate size, then you sew the length ends together making a giant "tube".

Then, you create a pocket on the top for the elastic to be threaded through. I threaded mine through using a large safety pin.

To connect the tank and skirt, you just pin them together and stitch them together using a... (checking under my dress) zig-zag stitch. Really, if you mess up this part at all you can just hide the sewing "mistake" under your belt or sash. Don't worry about the sewing too much here.

Last, you hem the skirt on the bottom so the edges are smooth and neat.

The only thing I have not had time to complete is the sash, so this morning I threw on a big chunky belt and some accessories ( long "keys" necklace, check, flower in hair, check).

The sash will be added later.

If you have extra fabric it would be sooo easy to create a "mini-me" dress for your daughter. My daughter wants one, maybe I'll post on that project next.

Seriously, this project took about an hour to complete.

Cute summer outfit and sooo comfy!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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