Sunday, February 12, 2012

Craigslist find into upholstered ottoman.

I found this coffee table on craigslist for $15. When I came to buy the table the lady was totally worried about the paint mess on top from her kids. I replied quickly, "Don't worry about that, I am going to cover it up and totally change it!" I could see her thoughts go quickly to, "what do you mean.... you are going to cover up my children's creative memories?" But...sorry lady thats the DIY and up-cycle way, its just craigslist business. She was reluctant to sell me anything else from her piled high basement. Well, except for a child desk for $12 which my daughter and I will be working on in the summer.

Here is a picture of the before:

After just a few hours, I sanded the snot out of that thing, painted it black, distressed it, padded it, then upholstered it with a wool-feeling check fabric, changed the hardware and now you have it....


The secret to pulling this up cycle off the cheapest way possible is the foam insert. You can pay upwards of $70 a yard for high density foam at a fabric store. Def not my thing to pay that much for foam. My bright idea was to go to Walmart and pick up these... a foam mattress pad for $15.  Remember these mattress pads? We used these before the memory foam revolution. I just doubled it and then used a batting on top then the fabric. 

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