Monday, February 20, 2012

Tall Cafe Oak table into coffee table.

I have a friend who owned this tall oak cafe cocktail table. It was on its way to the trash when I said, "Hold on!" I can make something awesome out of it. I remembered having seen something like this, but shorter with a pedestal. This was my inspiration for this piece. Pottery Barn pedestal coffee table.

Here is the before picture:

Sorry not a great pic, but as we can see it was tall, and ugly. I just knew I could do more with it. Sooo...I cut most of the tall pedestal down, detached the legs from the top. Sanded the snot out of it with the belt sander. I used sand paper blocks on the legs to get into the small spaces. I then spray painted it black, and distressed parts of it using sandpaper and a little left over stain. I put it all back together, leveled it out and here you have a pretty black pedestal coffee table. Now I need to do something with the oak chairs. Maybe for a later post....

Here is the after:

And a closeup of the legs and distressing:

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